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These are all artists I know and have worked with or would like to work with in the future


wasp elder

Wasp Elder is both a street artist and fine artist who with partner HB is responsible for much of the street art in and around Cardiff. as organiser of the Empty Walls festival he has enticed many artists from all over the world to help give the city an enviable street art culture. Now living and working in Berlin



Like Wasp Elder HB works with a variety of  mediums and surfaces from walls to miniatures. Co-curator of Empty walls she is now living and working in Berlin.


The mighty avon Junior

AKA Camden Lurch real name Daragh McCarthy.

Daragh  is a Dublin born film-maker and musician. He has directed numerous video clips included early videos for The Frames, a Dublin group led by Academy Award winning Glen Hansard.[1]

In 1996 he produced and directed the hardcore punk documentary The Stars Are Underground. Among his recent projects is Teo a documentary currently in production. Teo is a film documentary about jazz musician and producer Teo Macero. It was filmed over the last five years of Macero's life