links to other artists

These are all artists I know and have worked with or would like to work with in the future



No one see's the world quite like this visionary artist. A certain accusatory drawing practice underpins Larry's work which goes from Painting, 'compromised' print-making (i.e stencilled), through to songs & books of drawings & rant (instruction manuals for exhibited work).  Larry makes & keeps new years resolutions in his work, so all the clouds in his skies say stupid, all the land says lack on it.



 Phlegm is one of the most exciting street artists in the world. He is known for his intricate, precise black and white style through which he portrays fantastical characters and creatures from his imagination. Initially Phlegm started out as an illustrator producing hand-crafted zines and books and has now taken his worlds to the outdoors on a huge scale.


Jobina Tinnemans

 Jobina  Tinnemans is a contemporary composer working in the crossover disciplines of electronics, classical and contemporary art. she incorporates analogue and digital lo-fi and high-end techniques as we'll as non-musicians and ancient crafts. All possible ways to express the sounds she hears in nature, from the the smallest micro-texture of rustling grasses to the dramatic sounds of the weather.